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SQLite compatibility
SQLite Cloud operates with SQLite at its core, ensuring full compatibility with the official, public-domain SQLite database engine. Consequently, all your existing SQL statements and logic will function unchanged.
ACID compliant
We guarantee to be ACID compliant in a distributed environment (ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability, and it refers to a set of properties that guarantee reliable processing of transactions in a database).
Continuous backup
Unlike traditional backups that only restore data from the time the backup was made. SQLite Cloud can restore your data from any point in time. Your database is continuously (and transparently) backed up to S3-compatible storage.
Strong encryption
For maximum security, any SQLite database can be encrypted with the AES-256 encryption algorithm. AES-256 is a virtually impenetrable symmetric encryption algorithm that uses a 256-bit key to convert plain text or data into a cipher. AES has been adopted by the U.S. government.
Cloud dashboard
Your cluster can be controlled and configured via an easy-to-use web dashboard. Any SQLite database can be uploaded/downloaded in a few clicks.
Pub/Sub capabilities
Real-time event distribution and data replication among databases can be easily implemented thanks to the advanced Pub/Sub capabilities built into SQLite Cloud.
Powerful User/Role access control
Roles are the foundation blocks in SQLite Cloud, providing user isolation for a great degree of security and manageability.
Fully extensible
SQLite Cloud supports all SQLite extensions allowing you to take advantage of all kinds of new functionality that others have added to SQLite.
Automatic REST API
Database tables can be accessible to any HTTP service through a REST API generated automatically using industry-standard best practices.
Advanced query analyzer
Queries are stored and categorized based on execution time, enabling intelligent and proactive analysis to recommend which indexes to use to optimize your frequently used queries.
Easily scalable
New nodes can be dynamically added to the cluster at any time. You can choose the geographic location, and you can also choose to add a learner node (a non-voting node) to increase read scalability without sacrificing performance.
Strongly consistent
Once a transaction has been committed, all subsequent data reads will always return the latest version. This ensures that all database users see a consistent and up-to-date view of the data, regardless of the location or timing of their reads.
Server-side scripting Coming Soon
A powerful and high-performance WASM engine enables you to add business logic by developing server-side functions in C, Rust, Javascript, GO, and several other languages.
Offline-first database Coming Soon
Local first clients are the future of software development. SQLite Cloud offers a library that transparently syncs data with an offline-first approach.
Idempotence protocol Coming Soon
We ensure that the system will still produce the same result even in the case of network failures or other errors that cause operations to be repeated. This eliminates the need for manual intervention to resolve inconsistencies and reduces the risk of data corruption.

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